Court Street Coffee

67 South Court St.
Athens, OH 45701

A newer addition to the Court Street scene, this little shop opened just last year. It offers a homey but friendly atmosphere where people can sit and enjoy their coffee. Other, more established Athens coffeehouses like Donkey have the stereotypical coffeehouse feel, but Court Street Coffee is designed to have a feel all its own. Its owner definitely accomplished her goal of giving it a much “simpler” feel.

The little shop is built into what was once an office or store, so it features several awkward small spaces where corridors have become dining areas that feel cramped and make private conversation difficult. The small porch also gives the sensation of sitting in a small cage instead of an open, outdoor setting. The cafe can’t necessarily be blamed for this — they had to work with what they got, especially on the lower floor of a multi-story building where walls can’t just be knocked down on a whim, but it makes for a slightly awkward experience.

The coffee at the shop is good, but amidst the other  shops in town I can’t say it particularly stands out. The prices are modest which definitely counts for something, and the beans come locally — a franchise in Columbus called Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea. It’s the coffee alternatives that really stand out. They offer a drink called a “mocha latte,” a frozen treat with a little coffee and a lot of sweet. It’s outstanding. While other such drinks overload the sweet tooth quickly, this one is good until it’s gone; not too sweet and not too cold while retaining a semblance of pleasant coffee flavor.

Decent drinks, pleasant service and a simple atmosphere make for a pleasant, though awkward, experience at Court Street Coffee. The shop has a lot of potential, but it also has a long way to go.
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