Killer Tomato (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of Summer 2011, Killer Tomato is closed.
5 North Court St.
Athens, OH 45701

Killer Tomato is a restaurant with a bit of an identity crisis.

The tiny Court Street eat-in serves a relatively small menu containing items from all over the board. Appetizers include Bosco Stix, mini corndogs and popcorn chicken, while the “Stuffed Sammies” include Philly cheese steak, barbecue, club, and gyro options to name others. Killer Tomato furthermore offers a small selection of pasta, a salad bar, and a local version of Cincinnati-style chili. It’s hard to reason if they’re going for a theme or not but that’s their choice.

BBQ Blast Stuffed Sammy: $4.25

Menu aside, my first impression of Killer Tomato is that it is delicious. Just $4.25 gets you a huge sandwich and a dollar more gets fries with that. The BBQ Blast was filled with barbecued chicken, cheese, and Cole slaw and french fried onions. It made for a very satisfying lunch. The Cole slaw was a little bland, but the barbecue sauce was great and the chicken was cooked well. Altogether, the combination of flavor was great. Packed into such a large sandwich, it’s very filling. The food is packaged to go automatically, so you don’t have to worry about finding a seat. The sandwich is served sideways, more like a taco than a standard sandwich. This confused me until I saw the genius of it; you can also eat while walking.

The menu, though small, is very accommodating to the healthy eater and the vegetarian alike. There is one sandwich specifically for vegetarians which is customizable, and the pastas, salads, and chicken salad provide cheap and fast food on the go. You build your own salad and buy it by the pound, while two pasta and four sauce options make a fast pasta dish easy from the store. All of these options are easily packaged to-go, making Killer Tomato unique in offering such a versatile and mobile menu.

The service was good. The attendant was friendly and conversational, though I did come in right at opening so I was the only person there. Still, she was able to put the sandwich out relatively quickly. I asked her what to get and she had some suggestions, but I still wish I had seen the deals of the day. The large menu board dominates one side of the wall while a smaller specials board goes easily overlooked. Killer Tomato also has no seating accommodations, relying on the communal seating it shares with Peking Express next door. It would be nice if the place had somewhere to sit on its own, perhaps it would seem more friendly. One way or another, the food spoke for itself.


  • Killer Tomato offers free coffee on certain mornings. Take advantage of this if you need a kick-start with breakfast.
  • The sandwiches here are primarily designed to go. Sitting down to eat is possible, though not nominal for the experience.
  • Healthy and vegetarian eaters will find plenty to sample here, so I recommend they try this place.

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