Ali Babas Kitchen and Catering

West Union St. Vending area
Athens, OH 45701

As one of Athens’ tenant food vendors, Ali Baba’s Kitchen and Catering does not have an official permanent location. In fact, though, the little cart has daily parked at the intersection of Union and Court Streets — with all the other vendors — since 1989. Ali Babas serves a mixture of middle eastern and American foods, but its specialty is gyros and falafels.

Beef and lamb gyro: $4.50

Ali Babas does not look like much from the outside, but once you see and smell the Gyros, you will be smitten. They are sizzled to perfection with a variety of vegetables and seasoned with hot sauce and some kind of dressing. I ordered the beef and lamb variety, and the meat could not have been cooked better. It was deliciously nestled within the vegetables and pita.

The cart is very conveniently located, and the service is fast and friendly. Ali Babas is family run, so it has that charm of a family establishment about it. Athens has a few different places to get gyros, and these are without a question the best I have tasted in this town. It was actually the first time I’ve eaten lamb so I guess I can’t necessarily judge that.

The small menu would be my only complaint. They offer only a handful of food items, and you can’t really customize your gyro. As good as the gyro is, if you’re not in the mood for it, or you’re not in the mood for a filafel, you have to try something else. The drinks are limited to a drum of soft drinks. Still, despite its limitation, Ali Babas is the place to go if you’re hungry for a little middle eastern food.


  • The gyros are the main attraction on the menu. They’re healthier than some of the options you’ll find nearby.
  • Most of the side items are simplistic and overly expensive bags of chips or soft drinks. Avoid them.
  • Ali Babas is one of the most reliable of the food carts. It’s usually easy to find year round and late into the night most weekdays, so don’t worry too much about missing it.

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