Goodfella’s Pizza

6 West Union St.                53 North Court St.
Athens, OH 45701            Athens, OH 45701
740.592.1572                    740.592.9000
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College kids who frequent bars have a term for small food places that live off of drunk people stumbling in and getting something to eat, too drunk to care whether or not the food is even good – “drunk food.”

Goodfella’s is drunk food.

They have two small walk-up locations within a few blocks of each other selling pizza by the slice. These locations are strategically placed on the northern and southern ends of the Court Street bar scene. You can’t go home from the bars without passing by one. And when you do, this is what comes to your mind:

Goodfella's Pizza - Pepperoni pizza

Two bucks get you a 4-by-6 inch slice of deep-dish pizza at practically any time of the day or night. It will fill your stomach, but it’s really nothing special. While I have nothing bad to say about the pizza, I don’t think I really have that much to say about it either way. It’s kind of plain. Add to that the menu is very small. There are only a few different toppings for the pizzas.

Each location has only a few chairs and standing space, so it’s clear the intent is for you to get your pizza and go home with it. Moreover, it’s clear Goodfella’s is out to bilk every cent from you it can while you’re intoxicated. Packets of Parmesan cheese or pepper cost extra. There are also an assortment of drinks, cookies, and other junk to eat at more-than-vending-machine costs.

Goodfella’s has a small number of other items, such as cookies, that it sells depending on the time. It’s got a lot of random food items floating around, probably to attract intoxicated people with random cravings. Seriously, if drunk food was a business model, this place would have it nailed down. There hours during the day are so shoddy that there’s no rational way this place is trying to be a legitimate pizza business. It’s out to be the most convenient place for night crawlers and drinkers to come for a quick and easy bite to eat they’ll probably forget anyway. You can’t say it isn’t effective though, the pizza is greasy and loaded with bread and probably will settle a drinker’s stomach.

In summary, Goodfella’s offers unremarkable food at too high a price. Next time you’re walking home from the bars and pass by this place, find it in yourself to think twice. I know that’s not an easy thing to do when you’re thinking short-term, but this place is only good when you can’t taste it. I hate to sound mean saying that, but I think the owners planned it that way, too.


  • Goodfella’s makes a good late night snack thanks to its convenient locations and late hours.
  • Check Goodfella’s twitter feed for updates frequently, as it often posts deals along with friendly banter.
  • Don’t expect too many extras on your pizza; or else you’ll find a few extra charges.

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