O’Betty’s Red Hot

15 West State St
Athens, OH 45701
websiteO'Betty's Red Hot (Athens, OH)

O’Betty’s Red Hot sports a theme that will leave you scratching your head. But it will certainly attract your attention. The small nook on West State Street (which has since expanded to Union Street) serves hot dogs and fries as its main attraction, but every hot dog on the menu is named after a burlesque star. And in fact, the small inside dining room of O’Betty’s looks like a scene from Moulin Rouge! The near insanity of the combination of food and decor is only a slight distraction. The food comes quickly.

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O’Betty’s is renowned for its fries. People come here constantly just for an order. That reputation is well-deserved. The fries have some kind of unique seasoning. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it makes them great. They compliment the hot dog well, and the certainly seem like they would make a great snack, too.

  • The Dixie: It was basically a chili dog; chili cheese and onions. It’s also served with vinegar, which is the perfect thing for the rest of the food.
  • The Blaze: All beef dog on a toasted bun, wrapped in bacon and topped with fresh, creamy cole slaw. Three of the most delicious things combined.

The service is good. The  food comes fast and the cooks are friendly and make sure you enjoyed your meal and plan to come back. Though the dining room is very small, the hot dogs are clearly designed to go. Nicer still, O’Betty’s new digs on Union Street mean it’s conveniently located at both ends of uptown Athens, and the late hours mean it’s always easy to grab a fancy hot dog.

My only complaint about O’Betty’s would be the price. The menu claims the hot togs are top quality meat, but they are still average sized dogs costing $3. You can go to the supermarket and pick up 10 hot dogs and buns for that much, and other places I’ve eaten sell similar chili dogs for $1.50 to $2.00. Other places can fill you up much better for $4.50.

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