The Hammel House Inn

121 South Main St.
Waynesville, OH 45068

Hammel House Inn is a very cozy bed and breakfast-type eatery located in downtown Waynesville, Ohio. On top of dining, the store offers a sizable antique showroom and several rooms for people to stay in. The Inn is very typical of the downtown Waynesville businesses; comfortable, friendly, and old-fashioned.

Flaky White Cod sandwich and fries: $7.25

The small dining room offers a selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches for antique lovers spending the day in the pretty little town. The country favorites are good food, both satisfying and tasty. The aren’t too ambitious, but the entire Inn is based around a “good old fashioned” feel. The Hammel Burger, the signature dish of the house, is very good. The house also offers “cooked” lemonade, a southern favorite, which is unusually tasty.

The food comes a little slowly, especially if you arrive during a busy meal time, but that can be easily forgotten in the face of the friendly waitresses who make sure you feel extra welcome. It’s a good place to eat lunch, especially if you’re looking for a good sandwich, but Hammel House eaters shouldn’t expect much more than that.

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