Donkey Coffee and Espresso

17 1/2 West Washington St.
Athens, OH 45701

Good luck finding an Ohio University student or Athens resident who doesn’t have something good to say about Donkey Coffee. It’s hard to describe the coffee shop merely as a place to buy something to drink. For students, faculty and residents, Donkey can only be described as a cultural institution.

I can’t even begin to describe the little shop built from a former house. It has a comfortable upstairs where students often study into the early hours of the morning, a small stage for musicians and small dances, as well as a cozy porch for people watching. Coffee lovers of all ages hang around here and talk about politics, world affairs, or anything.

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Donkey does not roast its own coffee beans, but the drinks it brews are delicious nonetheless. The employees are exceptional at using the various syrups at their disposal to flavor your coffee any way you like it. The non-coffee alternatives the shop offers, such as smoothies and chai tea, are just as good. The store also offers a small selection of cookies and snacks. There is a lot of accommodation for vegan customers as well.

More impressively, Donkey Coffee sets the standard for good service. I’ve never been to the store without being impressed at how knowledgeable and friendly the staff was. Busy or not, morning and night, I’ve ordered from several staff members and always left with a smile. Donkey’s numerous accolades and awards from other critics and reviewers are well-deserved.

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