Court Street Diner

18 North Court St.
Athens, OH 45701

The Court Street Diner fits the mold of a classic 50’s classic American rail car diner on the outside. However, the flavors the local charm offer are anything but outdated. Court Street Diner offers classic food at all times of the day, and it’s just so good. There are more than a few reasons to come back to the restaurant, from its outstanding daily specials to the very comfortable, classic environment.

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The Diner usually opens early to serve fresh breakfast of all types. It offers omelets, pancakes, and virtually any other food you can imagine, all at reasonable prices. Even at peak meal times, I was surprised at how quickly the food came. The diner’s prime location on Court Street and comfortable seating makes it a very pleasant place to relax with a friend and enjoy a meal while people-watching. While in the diner, I even saw Athens mayor Paul Wiehl doing some work while getting a bite to eat. A variety of people frequent the restaurant, but it clearly has a charm that older people enjoy.

To make matters more interesting, the Diner has a daily special for breakfast, lunch and dinner: a different platter (usually a sandwich) with side and a soft drink for cheap. The specials change often and are different every day of  the week. In the meantime, many treats are always good, such as the 50’s milkshake, served in a tall glass with a candy cherry. Most of them are delicious, and I would suggest the diner as a destination to bring almost anyone who likes classic diner food. There is even a variety of options for kids to chose, though I would say again that the restaurant is most certainly designed to be enjoyed by adults.

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