Skyline Chili

7707 Montgomery Rd.       580 West Central Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45235         Springboro, OH 45066
513.791.7902                       937.743.8810

Skyline Chili on Urbanspoon              Skyline Chili on Urbanspoon
Skyline Chili is a local Cincinnati jewel. You ask anyone from this city about what food a person must try in the city, they will invariably name its chili restaurants, and Skyline usually comes out on top. With about 100 locations in the greater Cincinnati area, Skyline is a small but growing Midwest chain with a fast food/dine in mix that is friendly to a variety of people.

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And rightly so, I might add. The chili at the restaurant is simply delicious. Greek style, very savory and (reportedly) with a bit of chocolate in it. Skyline will put this chili and cheese on a variety of other things and make them great; chili cheese fries and cheese coney dogs are how people eat their skyline, and they really scarf them down.

  • 3-Way: Skyline’s signature dish is the “three-way” because it contains exactly three ingredients: chili, pasta, and cheese. 
  • Cheese Coneys: Mini chili hot dogs topped with cheese and, if you like, onion and mustard. There’s no preference. But if you like spicy, there’s only one choice: Skyline’s own hot sauce.
  • Habanero Cheese Coneys: Perfect mix of spicy cheese for that classic coney. Grab two or three, and be ready to need some water. You’ll eat these so fast you won’t even know your mouth is on fire.
  • Buffalo chicken wrap: For a break from the legendary chili, this wrap features chopped chicken and a warm buffalo sauce, with cheese and veggies. Almost like a burrito.

Skyline’s unique environment makes it well suited particularly for families with children and groups of young people; it usually hosts a large dining room where the food comes quick, almost as quickly as fast food. The chili isn’t necessarily healthy, neither is the abnormally large amount of cheese often topped on each dish. If you want a semblance of restraint to your food for healthy purposes, I would suggest taking about half the cheese off of anything served to you. I haven’t tried the wraps or salads, but judging from the lack of people ordering them, they looked like a bit of an afterthought.

Skyline Chili is great if you want to eat fast and are hungry for chili, but if you aren’t, I would reconsider.


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