Grand China Buffet

1002 East State St. # 25
Athens, OH 45701

Located within Athens’ tiny city mall, the Grand China Buffet gives a generous and delicious variety to the Chinese food buffet.  Many of the entrees on the line are good enough to stand on their own. The buffet offers the largest selection in town, and at a reasonable price ($6.00 for lunch, $8.00 for dinner) and with such dishes as peanut butter chicken, stuffed shrimp and many classic Chinese foods, Grand China Buffet has it all. Even a sizable line for vegetables and sushi, though these foods aren’t particularly high quality so I wouldn’t recommend them.

The atmosphere is definitely family-friendly. Located in the mall, most anyone walks in for food, and college kids, families and older couples alike congregated in the restaurant when I was there. If you are looking for lots Chinese food and like a lot of variety, Grand China Buffet is a good place to start. Still, there are better places to eat.

Grand China Buffet on Urbanspoon


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