Lucky’s Sports Tavern

11 North Court St.
Athens, OH 45701
Lucky's Sports Tavern on UrbanspoonLucky's Bar (Athens, OH)

As one of Athens’ many bars, Lucky’s is well known as a hangout for graduate students, older students and people looking for a less crowded atmosphere. With that in mind, it’s probably best if you think of Lucky’s as a nice place to get a drink – not any food.

The bar offers $5 lunch specials on a very basic menu. It’s obviously food for college kids. The primary attraction seemed to be the basked of chicken strips and potato wedges. Everyone in the bar was eating them when I walked in, but they looked rather generic, so I thought I would try one of the other attractions, the 8-inch pizza.

8-inch pepperoni pizza with coke: $5.50

It was just as it looks: greasy. It wasn’t that filling, either. The pepperonis were good and the coke was very fresh, but $5 doesn’t seem to go a long way here. The rest of the menu doesn’t allow for much variety. Subs, chicken strips and an iceberg lettuce salad are about the limit of what one will find here. If you’re looking to eat healthy or vegetarian, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

The environment is clearly for college kids and older. Indeed, while I was there only a few other patrons graced the place but they were mostly college kids and town residents. I know now so few people know this place even has food.



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