Lovely’s Farm Market & Country Cafe

330 East Central Ave.
Springboro, OH 45066
Lovely's Farm Market on Urbanspoon

Lovely’s is primarily a small farm market offering home-made goods. The store offers baked goods, candy, and fresh fruits and vegetables all made from scratch from the ingredients grown seasonally on the Lovely’s farm. At the same time, though, Lovely’s maintains a restaurant that almost everyone in Springboro loves to frequent. It is known best for “Steve’s Signature Fried Chicken” (It used to be called “Henny Penny Chicken.”) And with the chicken, they offer a plethora of sides, most of which are also produced with ingredients from the farm. It is very difficult to find one of these that isn’t excellent.

3 pc. Fried Chicken meal with Green Beans, Macaroni & Cheese sides: $7.50

Only $7.50 gets you an excellent meal of chicken and several sides. The biscuits and sweet tea come highly recommended, and though the store also offers ice cream, it’s difficult to find room for it when you are done.Many of the menu items are served a la carte; individual sides are great. Green beans and other vegetables are very good. While sides such as macaroni and cheese taste fresh and homemade, they just don’t match up. I highly recommend going after the fresh, simple stuff and skirting things that weren’t grown directly on the farm. It all tastes the best.

The presentation of the entire store is very agreeable. You’ll find the easygoing clientele keeps coming back for a very good reason. This is definitely a place where families and older folks can go to get a good meal. Service is good, with very helpful cooks assisted by local high schoolers making the food and presenting it.

It’s encouraging that so much of the food at Lovely’s is home-grown from the fields immediately surrounding the little building. It gives a sensation not only of freshness but also of supporting local business. Many of the older residents of the town, many of whom lived in the area long before it grew to its current size, still frequent this place. Watch out, though; Lovely’s is highly seasonal and often closed November through May. Plan a visit in the summer months.

The environment is great, the pricing is great, the only think lacking in this store is a healthy variety. They offer a multitude of sandwiches for anyone who doesn’t want fried chicken, but only one of them is vegetarian; the so-called “three cheese vegetarian” sub. If you’re looking for something healthy, you’ll want to avoid the place, but if you’ve got a one-day pass from the diet, this is the place you’ll want to use it.


    • Make sure you get the chicken, no matter what you do. It’s the main course of every good Lovely’s meal.
    • Many of the items such as biscuits sell out later in the day because of their popularity. Don’t come in too late, or you’ll miss out on the best dishes.
    • Sides are are served a la carte. Strong dishes include vegetables like green beans and biscuits.

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