BD’s Mongolian Grill

8655 Mason Montgomery Road
Mason, OH 45040

Founded in 1992 in Royal Oak, Michigan, BD’s Mongolian Grill has 37 locations throughout the Midwest, serving up custom-made Asian-themed dishes in a manner commonly called “Mongolian Barbecue.” In spite of the name, the cuisine, Mongolian Barbecue is neither Mongolian nor barbecued; the dish is actually Thai. Contrary to the nonsense you’ve heard about ancient soldiers and swords and things…this is just a recent technique. BD’s is a very classy place with a lot of options and a sports bar-type place on the side for good measure.

Mongolian Barbecue: $12.99

Basically, Mongolian barbecue is a build-your-own Asian dish. You walk through a buffet and pick from a variety of raw meats and vegetables. Then you fill a little cup with the sauces of your choice and some herbs and spices, and then you watch the show as staff cook it on a very large stone grill. It’s a show like Japaneseteppenyaki, and at the end you find you’ve got a custom-built dish with just about anything you’d like. It’s hard not to go wrong when you’ve completely customized your meal.

The selection of meats and vegetables is outstanding; meats of just about every kind are available. Some are beef, others are chicken, and also on the menu are shrimp, crab, calamari, and duck. There are also a huge variety of vegetables, from common onions and carrots to very distinctly ethnic items, like lychees. To top these off, there are a huge number of sauces of all kinds. Sweet barbecue, tangy teriyaki, and a variety of very spicy sauces are on the menu and I liked everything I tried. It’s even better how well many of these sauces mix together; adding a little here and there will basically ensure you can eat a radically different dish every time you come through. There are literally millions of combinations, and you can add any amount of any ingredient to your bowl.

Service is nice; a concept like this is different and hard for people to get used to, since there is a server but she doesn’t actually serve you, and figuring out the buffet line can be a headache. Fortunately the people are very helpful in this regard, and the business is well organized to help people figure out how things work.

I would highly recommend coming to this place for two things: lunch and sports. Lunch prices are very cheap and you get the same things for less. The bar is also very friendly and I would say sporting events should bring you in because the happy hour offers $1.00 drafts, a very attractive prospect. One way or another, BD’s Mongolian Grill is definitely a place to try.


  • This is a build-your-own meal type place, so it’s ideal for lots of indecisive types.
  • It’s also very accommodating to vegetarians because of the variety of new items they can try.
  • I would suggest coming in for lunch when prices are cheaper.

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2 Responses to “BD’s Mongolian Grill”
  1. The best way of appreciate another culture other than yours to immerse yourself with their lifestyle and most of all, have a taste of the country’s cuisine. Even though I am a Canadian I can honestly say that I love Mongolian BBQ. Yummm… :)

  2. Kristen says:

    Yes, it is definitely affordable, delicious, and fun to eat…I’ve always been curious about Mongolian BBQ- looks delicious.

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